June 8, 2012

Some Assisi Sights

A first set of random pictures. More to come!

I go by this door on the way from my room to the espresso machine. I'm guessing that it's where they put the bad friars.

The fabled DACA, the religious article wholesaler on the edge of town. The place for whose in the know to buy bundles of Tau crosses and other Assisi swag for cheap. It's a wholesaler, though, so when you try to cash out with your box of goodies, they'll ask you for an invoice. Play dumb and the guy will write one for you. This time mine got made out to the "Curia Generalizia O.F.M. Roma, Via Santa Maria Mediatrice 25." Don't worry, Leonines, I paid in cash and didn't take you for any more money.*

This cat started talking to me today, but when I approached it thought better of it and ran away.

*When I was let go from the OFM novitiate, they gave me $1,000 in cash. In younger, more pious moments I thought I would give it back one day. Inspired by a line in a favorite movie, I later decided not to.


Carlos said...

Nice pics! I can't wait to see more. As for the cat, it would never have run away from St. Francis! ;)


Tom said...

I too have used the services of DACA. Great place for cheap posters etc!