November 15, 2006


The question came up: did Adam pray? If so, what was his prayer life like?

Of course Adam had it all: a peaceful life and original innocence. So what could he possibly pray for?

How we answer this question may reveal our own idea of prayer. If we see prayer as basically remedial, as something we have to do because of our wretched condition and constant need to ask for the "graces we need," well then we might say that Adam hardly needed to pray.

On the other hand, if we see prayer as the grateful response of creature blessing its Creator, then Adam would have had just as much reason to pray as the rest of us who happen to live with the effects of original sin.


Pilgrim Padre said...

God calls to Adam after the fall and Adam responds. They have a conversation. Isn't this prayer? But notice that Adam doesn't pray properly hence our need to be taught how to pray. Interesting question though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there's yet another way in which he can pray, unless you count it under 'grateful response'--of course, I mean contemplation. Adam "walked with God", which seems an apt way to describe contemplative vision.