November 9, 2006


Today is the first day since Columbus Day that I have nothing on my calendar. No lectures to attend, no appointments with friars, teachers, doctors, or for car maintenance. No prayer to lead and no dinner to prepare for the brothers.

Not that it's a day off. There's plenty to do and lots of things to file away and deal with here on my desk. Not to speak of the paper I need to get going on this morning or the laundry I desperately need to get done today. But I have the time to myself, and I can put on some college radio and enjoy the peace of the house and do what I need to do.

One time I was working with another friar and when we got the project together I said, "O.k., good, that's all set." The brother remarked that it was my favorite feeling to look at something - a term paper, a clean room, a pot of beans, my own soul, whatever - and see it squared away and "all set."

I guess that's why I like a day like today.

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