November 13, 2006


You just never know where Wisdom is going to show up.

This morning, as I'm sitting here reading C.K. Barrett's commentary on the Gospel of John, I look up and see this quote on my Starbuck's coffee cup:

Life is a school for angels. Love is the Teacher, so do your homework without fear. Death is merely graduation.

Isn't that great? Now we know that we aren't going to become angels; but we do aspire to the life of the angels in the sense that we hope to share with them the life of heaven.

The first letter of John teaches us that God is love. If we are very bold, we may even turn it around to say that Love is God! And we believe that love is our Teacher because Love Itself became one of us in the human life of Jesus of Nazareth.

So let's love, do our homework, and have our coffee without fear, and look forward to our graduation.

Thanks Starbuck's!


Crescentius said...
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Crescentius said...

My dear brother:

I am looking forward to graduation. But until the time comes for me to walk across the stage, there are so many interesting professors to take classes from... I might even student teach myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're sooo enlightened, Crescentius. How come you don't tell us who you really are?