March 2, 2007


Last night I watched a little bit of the "History" channel, and there was this program, which explained that the world will end on December 21, 2012. A lot of people seem to agree on this, from the Mayans and the I Ching right down to some maverick contemporary astronomers.

I'm so glad that revelation delivers us from this stuff. Jesus himself says that nobody knows when the world will end, and once he says that even he doesn't know. The book of Revelation itself, which "end of the world" people always love, makes it seem like these things have already happened: "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!"

Besides, we know that the Resurrection is the end of the world, so long as we deliver ourselves from a narrow, linear sense of "end." The Resurrection is the linear end of time, yes, but it is also the end in the sense of goal and purpose. And these are folded together in Christ.

In any case, if the world wants to end on 12.21.12, it's fine with me. My bags are packed.


Crescentius said...

Your bags... sine proprio!


Terri & Mark said...

My Dad called me tonight telling me about the special on the History channel. I've never heard about it before, so I got online to do some research. What I keep thinking is, our lives here are temporary. We will eventually all die. Today, tomorrow, 2012...whenever. This is just a reminder that we need to spend every day living it as if it were our last and fulfilling our mission..Jesus mission. Thanks for the calming words.