March 31, 2007

Passion Sunday

One time I was out with another friar and somebody came up and, with a tone both quizzical and a little sarcastic, asked us, "what do you get out of this?"

The brother I was with gave the tone right back to him and asked, "I'm supposed to be getting something?"

That stuck with me a long time. It comes back to me today as I start to think about the celebration of the Lord's Passion this weekend. Perhaps in order to understand the Passion, I need to let go of any sense of "getting something out of" prayer, ministry, and the life of the disciple.


Barb, sfo said...

The way I see it--we already DID get something out of it. We got all those gifts God gave us out of love, including His own Son and the sacrifice His Son was willing to make--again, out of love. So your fellow friar is right. We're not supposed to GET anything else. It's our time to give back, through our praise, worship, good works, faith...our very lives.

Don said...

Thanks. I've been praying the Rosary a lot lately because I've felt called to do just that, but at the same time I've wondered if I was doing any good. You're post lets me know that I am not alone. Thanks and peace. I love the celebration of the Lords Supper this week. It's been a special night for me at Mt. Irenaeus for the last seven years.

Michael K. "Rose" McCleary said...

such a simple truth, one I remember, than forget, everyday.

from "the Truth" by Caedmon's Call

"'Cause there was life before my life
There was provision before my need
There was redemption before my sin
For the sake of the world
I thank the Lord
That the truth's not contingent on me"

God bless,