July 20, 2007

Away on Pilgrimage

I'm leaving for pilgrimage soon, so I'll be (gratefully!) off the grid for a while. If I get a chance to post, I will. Otherwise, I'll be back around the middle of August.

I'm going to Assisi, Rome, San Giovanni Rotondo, and some other places of Capuchin significance.

Pray for me and my brother pilgrims!


Anonymous said...

I promise, we will pray for you.

If you would please return the favor I would appreciate it. I hope you will have the opportunity to be at San Damiano or he Basilica of St. Clare for her Solemnity on Aug. 11. I would like to ask if you would please pray especially for my daughter Maria Therese who will be recieving her First Communion on that day. She will be celebrating this special day with the Capuchin Clares here in Denver.

May God make your pilgramage fruitful!

Jeff said...


Have a safe and blessed pilgrimage, and please pray for all of us too while you are gone.