July 19, 2007


A lot of religious poo-poo life in a big, institutional style monastery. It has its advantages, though. For one thing, they are great repositories of random stuff, some of which you might need.

For example, in a couple of days I'm leaving for a pilgrimage to Assisi, Rome, San Giovanni Rotondo, and a few other sites of Franciscan and Capuchin interest. This morning I was thinking about what I might still need for the trip, and I thought of four things:

1. A small, new notebook to write a travelogue for our communications office
2. A portable Italian dictionary
3. Travel-size laundry detergent
4. A copy of the Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos volume of St. Francis. It's several times smaller and lighter than its English language counterparts and thus better for travel.

I found all of them without even leaving the house. So thank God for big, old, institutional religious houses.


Paula said...

I am happy for you. Have a beautiful pilgrimage dear brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blessed pilgrimage you have coming up. A friend of mine spent some time in Assisi and it was one of her favorite places, along with Siena, she said. I will keep you in my prayers, for your safety as well as for a deepened encounter with God. Peace!