April 9, 2008

Christ Our Hope

Here's the message that Benedict XVI sends us ahead of his upcoming visit, in English and Spanish:

I signed up to concelebrate with him at St. Patrick's Cathedral next Saturday. Someone in security called me for my SSN, but I haven't seen a ticket yet.

Update: My ticket and pew assignment came in the mail this morning.


ben in denver said...

That would be so awesome.

I had dinner with some local seminarians last saturday who are going to the Yankee Stadium mass...but to concelbrate with the Holy Father.

That is just so cool.

Charles of New Haven said...

Thanks, Ben. I hope it works out; it would mean a lot to me. Once I started to really read Benedict around the time of his election, I came to appreciate him a lot.

tara said...

so glad to hear that you will concelebrate at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
see you this saturday!