April 5, 2008

On The Way

On the first Easter evening, Jesus walked with his disciples, opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, and was made known to them in the breaking of the bread. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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tara said...

great homily, fr. charles! thank you so much for posting your homilies. since we don't always get to have you for the 5:00 pm Mass every saturday, it's great that you post your homily so it can be read, which is what i just did.
i could really identify with the part about how we all have to be faithful to our journey of prayer and reflection. and, it's true that the more faithful we are, the deeper and closer we come to God each time and the more God reveals to us each time, which is exactly what does happen for me often! because life can get busy and crazy sometimes, i make sure that i set aside specific times for prayer like the monthly nocturnal adoration that we have on the first saturday of each month; the saturday morning scripture study; morning prayer and Mass with all of you at Sacred Heart whenever possible. and i pray in other little ways in daily life. you mentioned in your homily how each person is on a journey of their own personal history, and, this morning at scripture study, someone mentioned that we all have different gifts, which is what we are always discovering in new and different ways through prayer and reflection. and, when God seems to "retreat from us," as you put it, i think that maybe this is the time when God wants us to go out and share our gifts with others.