August 9, 2008

Husserl, Heidegger

Today is the feast of Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, better known to history as Edith Stein. It's just about the only day when you can get both of these philosophers into one homily.


ben in denver said...

I did my master's thesis on Heidegger. Did you know that his turn to atheism came after he was rejected by the Jesuits for reasons of poor health?

I would have really enjoyed hearing you preach of phenomenology. If you have any notes, could I ask you to email them to me (naaskofamily[at]

One of my favorite texts by St. Theresa Bendicta is the dialogue she wrote between Edmund Husserl and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Don said...

I'm not familiar with Heidigger. I'll have to do some reading, but I am familiar with Teresa. I read a book about her a couple of years ago that I picked up Abbey of the Genesee. she was an amazing woman with an amazing story.