August 9, 2008

Walking On Water

In Christ we are offered freedom from being beaten upon and exhausted by the storms in our heads and the chaos of the world around us. My homily for this weekend is posted here.


4narnia said...

hi Fr. C!
thank you, again, for such an inspirational homily!
what inspires me from your homily this week is that you're so right in saying that many of us are "under the influence" of so many wordly things out there that really can drag us down in every way - spiritually, physically, emotionally. especially those who do not know God in their life. i believe that it is up to us, the followers of Jesus, to go out and help those who are searching for God in all of the wrong places. because we are in the world (but we don't have to be of the world), we can and do get caught up in worldly things, and, sadly enough, i think we all have passed by many opportunities to help those who are "under the influence." some of us might be looking for God and these opportunities to help others in the big things like the earthquakes and the mighty winds, but He more often comes to us and offers us ways to respond in the really little, everyday ordinary things of life, like in a tiny whisper and in the lowly. i feel that to be more open and peaceful, we have to spend time in prayer listening to God and we need to ask Him for the courage and grace to see the opportunities of grace that are always right in front of us. PEACE!
tara t

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these words. They are exactly what I needed to read today.

Your blog is a favorite read of mine.

Brother Charles said...

Thanks for the encouragement, friends.

ben in denver said...

I want to offer you belated greetings for the Solemnity of St. Clare.

We spent a wonderful evening last night with the Capuchin Clares and Friars at Our Lady of Light Monastery in Denver.

One of the sisters was taking pictures, which she said will be uploaded to their website soon.

Paz y Bien!