January 2, 2010

Lights and Ladders

The magi fulfill the insight of St. Bonaventure, that the created world is a "ladder for ascending into God," as they follow the light of the star to the newborn Jesus. Let us imitate their faith, their journey, and their right effort. Follow this link for my homily for this weekend.

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ben in denver said...

I began wondering yesterday just how I was going to get to mass for Epiphany. At our parish we celebrated the Holy Name yesterday, while the rest of the Archdiocese celebrated the Epiphany. Now our pastor is planning on having a Solemn High Mass for Epiphany Wednesday at 6:00 pm, but my employer was not kind enough to grant the time off I had requested. I don't begin work until 10:00 am, so I thought that I might make mass at a different church closer to where I work, but none of them will be celebrating the Epiphany on Wednesday. It is a real conundrum. I though about the Ukranian Church, but they won't be starting until 10, and they will go at least 90 minutes. Maybe I will see if the Greek Orthodox will have an early morning liturgy.