January 18, 2010

Search Terms

Looking over the referrer log, I see that it's time for a 'search terms' post, in order to display some of the curious internet searches that have brought visitors to a minor friar and to answer some questions found therein.

"Capuchin Catholic wedding." Unlikely. Someone is a little unclear on the concept, I think.

"how to become a bishop of a Christian church?" Ordination, I suppose, by some other bishops with a mandate from the Holy See.

"What to do if baptized Novus Ordo." Live it each day!

"How to become a licensed bishop in California." I think the answer would be the same as above. Any California readers care to add anything?

"Carthusians AND holiness." Amen.

"Franciscan priest picture." Here you go:


Qualis Rex said...

LOL! Baptized Novus Ordo! I love it! Personally, I think I was baptized 50% Tridentine and 50% Novus Ordo on my Father's side. It was during that nebulous period where priests were known to "wing it". I was just days old, so really too young to remember much.

Hidden One said...

Pop Quiz for RadTrads (Only):

Is being baptized Presbyterian better or worse than a Novus Ordo baptism? Why?


Qualis Rex said...

Hidden - here's my RadTrad answer:

"Trick question. Who gives a fig about what Presbyterians or any heretics do for Baptism anyway?"

Yes, I think I can safely take the belt home tonight...