January 14, 2010

Overheard: Sacristy Hilarity

Liturgically curious friar: "Father, will we be celebrating St. Hilary today?"

Hagiographically curious friar: "Tell me about him."

LCF: "He was bishop of Poitiers in the fourth century and wrote an important book on the Trinity."

HGF: "What else?"

LCF: "I suppose he was also hilarious."


ben in denver said...

One of my daughters, Isabel Chiara Hilaire, turned 4 yesterday. When she was born the labor was difficult, so we asked the intercession of St. Hilary. Things quickly improved, so we added his name to the ones we had already chosen. Since then, I have continued to ask his intercession for her daily.

Praise be to God for His Saints.

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing, Ben. Blessed be God forever.

Qualis Rex said...

I love these : P