December 1, 2010

Edith Stein

All of a sudden it feels like the end of the semester. Next week is the last of classes. All of my term work is in draft. It's rather uneven, and I'm not even sure how good some of it is, but it all represents a kind of groping and clumsy start at finding some direction in the obedience of this doctorate.

So as time opens up, I can get back to other things I either set aside because of the course work or left for later. But it also means I can find some time for personal reading. Various evidence suggests to me that it might be time for me to read Edith Stein. Does anybody who is better acquainted with her work have any advice? Because of the John of the Cross connection I'm curious about the Kreuzeswissenschaft/Science of the Cross, but I don't know if this is the right place to start.

Thanks in advance!


christopher said...

Father, long time listener, first time caller :) I hope you get some good advice here so I can borrow it too. The last few months have found me looking into the phenomenology/existentialism/personalism that she worked through to find the Catholic Faith and am having trouble finding any coherence. And then "coincedentally" a friend chose her for me as my patron saint for this year. I have some heavy reading ahead of me, methinks...

RJ said...

I would suggest asking a Discalced Carmelite.