December 31, 2010

Ministry and Keeping the Blog

Thanks for all the responses, both in the public comments and in person, on my post about the possibility of quitting the blog in favor of another project. You have reminded me of something very important.

Ministry is the Lord's work, in which we are helpers, facilitators, and collaborators. Therefore, the idea of any particular ministry we might have is not the same thing as God's idea of it. Indeed, in any successful ministry, what God is up to is greater than either what we care to or even can imagine. Anyone who has ever preached has had a plain and amusing experience of this: after the service someone comes up to you and thanks you for having said some beautiful or insightful thing that you don't remember ever saying, or even meaning to say. The devout soul heard not what you thought you were saying, but what she needed to hear from God. Indeed, to pray for such graces is a humble and helpful way to pray before preaching.

In the same way, I must remember that this blog is a ministry greater than my idea of it. Because of the particularity of my own state in life and the questions and issues that preoccupy me in the current moment of my life, I may be more conscious of parts of the audience that share some of these characteristics. But that doesn't mean that the blog is only for them or even primarily for them. The blog is what God wants it to be. It's for whoever God inspires to visit. Any fruit that comes of my little rants and reflections is God's work, accomplished in the economies of grace so expansive and wonderful that they can even work through the meager and self-indulgent efforts of a lukewarm and distracted little religious priest like me.

So, enjoy the blog. Or better, appreciate and be grateful to the God who is so marvelously humble as to shine his gentle loving kindness through our little web-based communion.


Stuart said...

Thanks for this post. I blog a little and feel quite encouraged!

Thank you.

Cole Matson said...

Yay! Thanks be to God, and Happy New Year, Fr. C!

Stuart said...

I used some of your text to introduce this post and your blog on my blog. I hope that's acceptable, do let me know if it is a prob.

Christian Blogosphere Stuff

Brother Charles said...

Dear Stuart (and everyone),

If you scroll to the bottom of the blog's main page, you can check out how I license the material. You are free to reproduce, remix, or share anything I post to the blog, so long as I receive attribution. (a link back is nice too.) Thanks for the encouragement!

Julie Robison said...

The Desert Nuns have a great quote on their blog: "Young Religious ought to enter blogs and correct the opinions of the youth, showing them the true Jesus" - Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar for Rome

Thanks for blogging! Keep up the good work and Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you will be continuing your blog, Fr. Charles. As you can see from the number of comments, a great many people from all walks of life read and benefit from it. I sincerely hope you will also be able to work on your book, perhaps using the blog itself to assist you. Who knows, if you keep up all your hard work, you might also one day get to be mayor of CVS!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am looking forward to your continued blogging. It's a trail or breadcrumbs which others can follow (and oneself can look back upon)... Also I agree with Abbot Martin that the church absolutely should use modern means of communication.

K T Cat said...

I enjoy your unique voice in these small snippets. It's more accessible than a book. I'm glad to hear you're going to keep it up.