December 20, 2011

Party Like It's 5199

I'm a little bummed that the Christmas proclamation, i.e. the "Proclamation of the birth of Christ," which can be sung leading up to the Mass in nocte, doesn't seem to be included in the new Roman Missal in English. I guess it's just another symptom of the marginalization of the Martyrology in the reformed Roman rite.

CORRECTION: Thanks to my erudite friend cua guy, I have been corrected. A new version of the proclamation does appear in the new English Roman Missal, towards the end of the appendix, "Various chants for the Order of Mass."

Personally, I don't like this new version, and nor did I like the version that appeared in the 2004 Sacramentary Supplement. The latter is still available on the USCCB website, oddly enough.  I prefer the big numbers that date the creation, and a history that begins before Abraham. "When ages beyond number had run their course from the creation of the world" Boring. It's Christmas. Be a creationist for one night and party like it's 5199!


cuaguy said...


Are you sure its not in one of the appendices? I could have sworn I saw it in there last time I was looking through one.

Statius said...

That's wonderful. I'm a baby Catholic (two years since baptism), and have not yet been exposed to this text. I love how firmly it places the incarnation within history's grand sweep, taking in Jew and gentile.

The seven hundred and fifty-second year since the foundation of Rome, and the one hundred and ninety-fourth olympiad. Marvellous.

Brother Charles said...

@cua: Of course you're quite right! There it is towards the end of "various chants for the Order of Mass." I'll correct the post.