April 30, 2012

The Cardinal or the Headbanger?

Partly because they're sweet in their excitement for me in my coming transfer to Rome, and partly because they like to make fun of my long history of rocky relationships with spiritual directors, the brothers have been suggesting to me whom I might ask to be my spiritual director once I get to my new assignment. Two candidates have emerged:

First, Raymond Cardinal Burke:

No doubt the brothers thought of His Eminence because I share some of his opinions, but also because I am currently under the care of one of his seminary classmates.

Second, our Capuchin brother Cesare Bonizzi, sometime frontman of Fratello Metallo:

The real compliment in all this is the recognition of the sublime synthesis that is my particular vocation, and I'm sure that's what the brothers mean to say by their suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Father Charles, the link to Cardinal Burke's video does not appear to be working but one can surmise its content if it the opposite of your heavy metal confere. Has not the esteemed Brother been "discouraged" by his Capuchin superiors from further appearances?

Anonymous said...

Father Charles, having read your blog for several years and looking at both videos, I would have to vote for Cardinal Burke. Not that you asked for your readers' input but figured I would offer it anyway. I will continue to pray for you as you begin your ministry in Rome.

Brother Charles said...

@anonymous 1: unfortunately, it has also been my experience that the brothers don't grasp the beauty and power of the Metal.

@anonymous 2: Thanks so much for your support. I have to say, though, that I doubt Cardinal Burke would have the time to direct an arbitrary nobody such as myself, especially one who, in twenty years of being a Catholic, has yet to make a solid beginning of the spiritual life.

banaszak1 said...

I was born on August 23rd, 1937. i attended St.Lawrence Seminary, Mt. Calvary,Wisconsin,September 1951 to June 1957, under the Capuchin Fathers. I was ordained a priest on May 27th, 1967 for the Diocese of Joliet. I have great love for the Capuchin Order & their spirit. I thank you for the spiritual guidance which you give me in your blog each day. Please pray for this old priest.Father James Nowak