April 3, 2012

Nox Clara

Judas goes off to betray Jesus. 'And it was night,' adds St. John.

But as soon as the evangelist makes this note, Jesus announces his imminent glorification, and the glorification of God in him. Nunc clarificatus est Filius hominis et Deus clarificatus est in eo.

Night becomes glory. Judas's handing over of Jesus to the Cross leads to Jesus' handing over the Spirit from the Cross, as shall hear in John's Passion on Friday.

That's the sacred tradition by which the Blessed Trinity foils the senseless stupidity of sin and death. The Father hands over the Son. The Son is handed over by the betrayer. But the betrayal is turned into the handing on of the Spirit to us.

So let us go into the night. Let us receive in prayer the rayos de oscuridad that, as John of the Cross teaches us, are actually the Light.

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