August 16, 2006

Final Profession

One night on retreat I was pacing outside, thinking about the very idea of taking my final, perpetual vows in religious life. Then I saw the big tree in the center of the retreat house's circular driveway and for some reason I addressed it:

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself, Tree, seeing as you're perpetually professed?"

So then I reflected on the perpetual profession of the tree. The tree receives the sunlight and the rain from God, but it doesn't agonize over what to do with these graces. It doesn't need to discern what to do with the rain and the sun. It doesn't need to journal about it, or wonder how someone with its particular Enneagram number or Myers-Briggs letters would handle them.

The tree has a form of life, or a rule, through which it already knows how it will use the sunlight and the rain. It will grow and flourish and provide shade for the driveway and for those who pray to Our Lady at the grotto across from the house. The tree is committed to its form of life, to its rule. It's perpetually professed.

(By the way, I am 5, INTJ.)


Barb, sfo said...

Yes, the tree is committed--professed--but your Profession will be more significant, because you have CHOSEN to follow God's call. The tree can't help it.
God bless you as your Profession Day approaches.

forget me not said...

I agree with barb and echo her best wishes for your Profession Day.

Brother Lesser said...

Know that you are always in my prayers, but even more so as you take your final vows.

God bless you, my brother!

Paula said...

Brother Charles, i love this post. May God bless you.