August 24, 2006

Site News

1. I enjoyed the "countdown clock" that I had on the blog for my final vows. After the big day I replaced it with one counting down to the day in October, when, please God and thanks to your prayers, I will be ordained deacon. After looking at it for a couple of days, though, I decided that it looked pompous and presumptuous, so I went back to the good old Universalis liturgical calendar banner.

2. The wireless connection I have in my new friary does not seem to have a fixed IP address. Thus I have not yet been able to exclude my own visits from the hit counter. Until I figure out how to do it, if ever, the hit count will be artificially inflated by my own visits.

3. In all of the movement and itinerancy of the summer, I have been negligent about trying to return links. So, thanks to The Hermitage for the link.


Monk-in-Training said...

Hello Fr.
How do you get that banner to work on your site?

friar minor said...

Dear Monk,

I don't know why the banner sometimes appears and sometimes not, depending on machine and browser perhaps, firewalls, and who knows what else.

You can grab the HTML for one over at

They run a lovely resource site for the Liturgy of the Hours

Thanks for the visit!

Jeff said...


Congratulations on having made your final vows!

BTW, I've tagged you on my blog for a book meme. You're it.