August 18, 2006


Today I am off to the church where I am to make my final vows tomorrow morning.

At school they tried to teach us a lot about freedom. They told us that our real freedom did not consist of our ability to revise our lives over and over, but in the freedom to dispose of ourselves definitively in and for God.

In fact, our possibilities for revising our life decrease with every moment and every year until finally, one day, we reach our death. When that day comes we have no more choices and we have to say, with our friend Pontius Pilate, like it or not, "what I have written, I have written" and what I have done, I have done.

So if my real freedom consists not in the illusion of having as many options as I can have for as long as possible, but in my liberty to dispose of myself once and for all for God and for the Body of Christ which is the Church of God, well that's what I'll try to do tomorrow.

Pray for me, my friends.


Brother Lesser said...

You can count on my prayers, my brother.

God bless you!

Barb, sfo said...

May God bless you in many ways as you make your final Profession.

by the bay said...

hugs from the Franciscan community of, and from me and my kids.
May your sacrifice/surrender rise up like incense to the Lord. :0)

Paula said...

wow! congratulations!i am happy for you! may God bless you richly, brother !:-).

Steph Bachman said...

What a beautiful way to describe your profession. Belated congratulations and best wishes! : )