January 18, 2007


Just so you know that religious life is pretty funny sometimes:

Today the brother who volunteered to take down the Christmas Tree finally got around to it, and he asked me to help.

Our living room is on the 3rd floor, so we shuddered at the idea of carrying the thing through the house and having to vacuum pine needles from two floors of stairs.

So my bright brother suggests that instead, we pitch the tree out the window. So there we were, two friars throwing a dried up old Christmas tree out of a 3rd floor window onto the sidewalk below (having checked for pedestrians, of course) and hoping that none of the neighbors were noticing this procedure going on.


Barb, sfo said...

What--no pictures???

I am NOT letting Big Brother read this post.

forget me not said...

Must have been quite a sight to see... :-)

Rashfriar said...

Just glad that none of the brohters were defenestrated in the process. God bless!