January 8, 2007

Epiphany Humor

We had a lovely Epiphany Sunday at the parish where I work, but some funny stuff happened:

1. When I showed up in church in the morning, the sacristan ran out and said, "Brother, we have no wine!" By the time I had said Morning Prayer some wine had been found, so I didn't have to tell the sacristan to fill the six stone jars.

2. When I went to the back of the church for the beginning of Mass, I met the Magi themselves, all ready for the procession. One had a little box filled with shiny beads. "Gold!" I said. The second had the incense boat. "Frankincense!" The third had a carafe with some brownish liquid in it. I asked if it was the myrrh, and the allegedly wise man said he wasn't sure. So I took off the stopper and smelled it. "Apple juice for the newborn king!" I remarked.

3. After the Mass, in proper Hispanic fashion, the Magi had gifts for all the children. Apparently being the junior friar of the place qualifies one for this honor, because I received a "Beanie Baby" monkey whose tag says he is called "Mooch."


forget me not said...

Cute, friar!

Paula said...

Nice.Thanks for sharing.:-)