January 4, 2007


Sometime around 3rd grade, I started to be a heavy person. Since then I've had lighter times (high school, working at the group home) and heavier times (middle school, now). It's something to which I've paid spiritual or practical attention only sporadically.

One of the things you notice right away about religious life is the prevalence of lifestyle disease: hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, not to mention an unseemly amount of general malaise and a sense of bourgeois entitlement.

In any case, lately I've been feeling like I've arrived at the age when I might be approaching my last chance to do something about my weight before I set myself on an irrevocable path to one of these ailments.

The new year is the traditional time for such dreams, so why not?

So, who is the right patron saint for such a spiritual ambition? A famous food ascetic like Catherine of Siena? A brother fat friar like Thomas Aquinas?


fr. Matt, OFM Conv. said...

i would venture St. Max Kolbe, OFM Conv....one of the only friars I know of to die of hunger (or close enough)

peace and prayers,
a fellow friar minor

Charles of New Haven said...

Nice to meet you, Matt. It's always good to meet a brother of the original Franciscans. :)

Barb, sfo said...

The Infant of Prague is often considered a patron of "general health."
Against temptation? Benedict, Catherine of Siena, Catherine of Bologna, Margaret of Cortona (FRANCISCAN) or Michael the Archangel.
I also think that Fr. Matt's suggestion of St. Maximilian is a good one. My grandmother had a great devotion to him.
My husband struggles with his weight and I think he would be better served if I nagged less and prayed more. So I will keep both of you in prayers.

forget me not said...

I like you just the way you are!
You know, you remind me of a friar I went to confession to in Assisi a couple of years ago. I'll never forget his kind, encouraging and healing words that day, and I thought of him when I saw your picture. It made me smile!

by the bay said...

There isn't a patron saint of runners I can find, so you will just have to become him....


(My friend here says deep fat friar is fine!)

Eleanor n/TSSF

Br. Chris Gaffrey, ofm said...

How about Beato Papa Giovanni? He was big too. Yeah Thomas was big too. They say he had dropsy. Also, St. Anthony was huge when he died!... also from dropsy. So you've got plenty of good intercessors!

Bro, I'm sure the Lord will bless your good resolution. All the best and you remain in prayer...

Pax et Bonum!