June 7, 2007

Day Off

One's day off is an institution with the parish clergy, as well it should be. Monday is the traditional choice, as with pizza makers, because of the intensity of the weekend.

Today was my day off, so I decided to take a long walk and explore the town. I found two things that made me happy: White Castle, and a neighboring Catholic church that was open during the day.

I love to sit for a few minutes in a downtown church when nothing is going on. I think it's because it speaks to me as an image of God: dark, quiet, peaceful, and cavernous. And yet somehow these are synthesized and served up as an obscure sense of welcome that is both striking and mystical.


Anonymous said...

Brother, enjoy that day off each week because you will need the energy. Enjoy parish ministry, it's full of surprises.

Mike Farley said...

Good day off, then?

Not entirely off-topic. I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you for one of those mad, confessional memes... see today's post on The Mercy Blog. Totally optional, of course... but you'll see the connection when you get there!

Brother Charles said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm a little backed up on memes, but I'll do my best!