June 19, 2007


Yesterday morning I went over the parish grade school to try to drum up some altar servers for the summer months. It's the last few days of school, and the kids were all full of joy and anticipation.

Rightly or wrongly, they see before them nothing but empty time and freedom from care and toil. They long to be freed from all the constraints of the classroom.

I know it's a little morbid, perhaps, but when I left I was thinking about how the children's anticipation of the last day of school would be a beautiful model for how to make the final journey to death. To see nothing before you but peace and freedom and the eternal Silence in which God speaks his one Word.


Jeron said...

I really enjoyed serving funerals for our Pastor during the summer months.

renae gregoire said...

What a profound thought! God grant that we have as much faith when our time comes! Thanks for sharing :)

Pia aka forget me not said...

The hard part is the passage, as Laura from Prepare for the Kingdom is experiencing. We must cultivate trusting hearts so that when that time comes, we will be prepared and bring fruit.