June 5, 2007

"Medieval Times"

One of my first activities as part of the parish staff here was an end-of-year thank-you trip for the altar servers. We went to Medieval Times, a kind of cross between dinner theater and the circus. You eat in barbaric fashion without utensils and are entertained by horse tricks, knightly combats, and a general atmosphere of ludicrous anachronism: "Would you like more Pepsi, my Lord?"

Just for fun I went on their website and looked at the career opportunities, which are introduced like this:

Ever worked in a Castle?
Thought about wearing a costume to work?
Or are you looking for an exciting employment opportunity in a unique and fun environment?
Must be available evenings and weekends.

No thanks, that sounds just like the job I have already.


Br. Jim said...

Living in a castle might be pushing it, but its close.

Charles of New Haven said...


fmn said...

Oh, what a funny guy you are br. charles. You remind me a bit of friar Tuck, though I hope you don't eat in barbaric fashion!

Hidden One said...

That which is civilized and that which is barbarian depends on who is the one making such a pronouncement.

bluepanjeet said...

lol that was witty and funny.