June 11, 2007


When St. Barnabas met the believers in Antioch, he "saw the grace of God," as the Acts of the Apostles describes it today.

It makes me reflect on what I "see" in the people around me. Do I see their faults and the ways that they make things difficult? Do I see what they can get done or how they can be useful to my purposes?

Or do I notice the grace of God in them? Do I see what God has worked in them, perhaps in their faith, their faithfulness, or the love and gentleness that God has put in their hearts?

And so I try to remember that I am free, with the help of the Spirit, to choose a perspective: to pay attention to the negative, or, like Barnabas, to "see the grace of God."


fmn said...

This ties in with and clarifies my latest post for me. Thank you.

Rashfriar said...

Peace! Barnabas means 'son of encouragement.' That is what he did so well, as St. Luke tells us. May he give you encouragement in your new assignment and in continuing with your blog. God bless.

Mary said...

Good point!