January 22, 2008

The Culture of Death

Today marks 35 years of legalized abortion in these United States. It's sad. Nobody wants an abortion. Still less does anybody want to die as one. Everyone who has gone through an abortion deserves our gentle empathy.

Nevertheless, our willingness to accept the aborting of fetuses as a civil right of individuals undermines our whole civil society. When children grow up and take guns to school and kill their peers, everyone acts all shocked and asks how such things can happen.

We need to take a look at ourselves. In a society that puts convenience ahead of life in abortion, security ahead of life in preemptive war, money ahead of life in the quiet acceptance of poverty, and revenge ahead of life in capital punishment, we ought not to be surprised when our children feel like their own selfish desires give them permission to kill.

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Lisa, sfo said...

Well-said, Fr. Charles!