January 15, 2008

Wedding Season

The winter holidays must be a popular time to get engaged, because the phone has been ringing with wedding plans. As of this morning I am responsible for the pastoral care of ten upcoming marriages. I enjoy meeting with these couples; I find them edifying on two counts.

First, they are going through extra work by having a proper Catholic wedding. I know that the Catholic parties are bound by canonical form, and are thus only doing what is required, but who knows if they even know that these days.

Second, the more I think about it, the more I realize how great an act of faith it is to get married. It is amazing to me that two people wager the strength of their commitment to each other against an utterly unknowable future, claiming before the Christian community that they have been blessed with a love they believe to be more durable than anything life could possibly throw at them.

And people say that young people don't have faith.

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Pia said...

Thanks for this refreshing dose of optimism!