January 7, 2008

Stars, Storms, Rocks

I really love the Epiphany. I guess I go in for the more overtly mystical days in the calendar. I feel the same away about the Transfiguration. But Transfiguration and Epiphany are only alternate versions or other angles on Easter and Christmas, respectively.

Over the weekend I heard a lot of good reflections on the star that led the magi. One person said that the star was like an "a-ha" moment for creation; the created world notices what God is up to in the birth of Christ and rejoices. Then I was thinking about how, as we go forward in Matthew, we will see how the created world remains in sympathy with the Lord, as in the calming of the storm and the rocks that break in half at his death.

Even when people don't notice or appreciate what God is doing, the created world is ready to lead people to the Lord and accept the peace he wants to give. And while our own hearts often fail to break at the sight of God being crucified in suffering humanity, even rocks broke apart at the the Lord's own crucifixion.

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friarminor said...

The story of the Epiphany for me, Father, is about recognizing wondrous signs and being brought together by it despite differences of faith. I know we've been told how God resides in simplicity but often the Universe just resonates in HIS magnificence that it cannot help making a highlight statement.

Even now, this is still happening with scientists taking over the role of the Magi upon their examination of the deepest forms of creation.