January 4, 2008

The Pro-Life Candidate

With all of the discussion of presidential candidates here in the U.S.A., someone asked me if I would be voting pro-life when the election comes around. I said that I would, if there were a candidate. So if anyone knows of a real pro-life candidate for president of these United States, write me a comment and let me know.

In order to qualify, s/he must:

1. Be against all forms of abortion, at all stages and under all circumstances.

2. Be against all forms of capital punishment, and committed to helping us understand the absurdity of killing people in order to show that killing people is wrong.

3. Has never supported the "war" in Iraq, and is prepared to issue an apology to the world for allowing ourselves to be tricked into going to war by incorrect and misleading information.

4. Is committed to abolishing the illegal Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

5. Is committed to a plan for immigration reform that respects not only the sovereignty of our country, but also the basic right of families to seek a decent living.

6. Understands that the reform of the incarceration industry is necessary if we are to avoid the breakdown of our civilization and to finally overcome our legacy of institutionalized racism.

I reserve the right to add more conditions.


ben in denver said...


Here is your guy:


Charles of New Haven said...

I love this guy!

Tausign said...

Tell it like it is Charles of New Haven! No one is stepping forth to lead or challenge us. Sadly not even a consistent candidate to give pro-lifers a true voice.

I think JPII said something to the effect that 'there is no inherent value in democracy...only the values of the people who live in the democracy' (very loosely paraphrased).

Candidates must choose either to 'mirror' Jesus Christ, the true man...or mirror the fallen values of the rest of men.

Barb, sfo said...

Qualifications I might add:
--Does not support EMBRYONIC stem-cell research
--Does not support the removal of basic sustenance/hydration from "vegetative" patients

Pia said...

I would add: Promotes total health care for all Americans so they no longer have to make the tough choice between paying medical bills and/or heating their homes (and so that foreign dictator govts can no longer make propaganda commercials about it, like Venezuela has been doing!).

Charles of New Haven said...

I am leaving this comment myself instead of publishing a long article in favor of the death penalty left as a commnet by an anonymous reader. The point made therein is that capital punishment reduces the overall amount of murders in the world. Apparently this is an argument in favor the death penalty. I doubt that this is true, but it is a red herring argument.

Whether or not capital punishment reduces capital crime, which I doubt, is beside the point in any case.

Deciding whether or not we should kill people is not based on weighing other killings against it, but because God forbids us to kill in the first place.