April 18, 2009

Believing Thomas

To encounter the Risen Lord is to believe in him, and to make that most perfect Christian confession, "My Lord and my God." My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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4narnia said...

great homily, Fr. C! the part of your homily which inspires me most is where you say: "and so by our Holy Communion, we allow the gift of the Resurrection to rise into our lives and our bodies, so that we might be the presence of Jesus for each other and for the world." as i have meditated on the readings for this weekend, and, also meditated on it being Divine Mercy Sunday, what still speaks to me (as it has all throughout the season of Lent), is that Jesus desires us to go to Confession and receive Him in Holy Communion - this is one of the main messages of Divine Mercy Sunday. the Eucharist and the Passion of Jesus Christ are of the greatest gifts of Divine Mercy that has been bestowed on us. i'd like to share part of the April NAS (nocturnal adoration society) newsletter, which gives the definition of mercy much better than i could - "God's love for us assumes a very special character, one that is adapted to our nature as frail, weak creatures: the character of mercy. Mercy is love bending over misery to relieve it, to redeem it, to raise it up to itself. It almost seems that God, in loving us, is attracted by our weakness, not because it is lovable, but because being infinite goodness, His compassion stoops to compensate for it by His mercy."-Divine Intimacy by Rev. Gabriel O.C.D.- PEACE! ~tara t~