April 14, 2009

Paschal Candle

You know you have a lot of funerals in your parish when Easter brings a paschal candle like this!


Matt G. said...

That certainly puts my parish's paschal candle to shame. Although, it was 51% beeswax (I've seen fake paschal candles, believe it or not).

My parish breaks out the 51% beeswax candles only for very special events, i.e. Christmas (they come out on Christmas Eve and this year they stayed up throughout Christmas, since it was so short) and the Easter Octave. The candles on either side of the main altar and the side altar remain fake, but additional candles are placed behind the main altar on either side of the crucifix.

4narnia said...

nice photo, Fr. C! i should be there tomorrow for the first funeral of the Easter season. see you soon! PEACE! ~tara t~

Brother Charles said...

You just can't beat beeswax for that authentic smell of church!