April 21, 2009


Today I was scheduled to tour a large group of public high school students through our church. What a bummer that they canceled. I had been faxed a copy of the ditto that they would have to do and was really looking forward to the questions. Here are some samples:

1. "What is the name of this religion?"

That's easy: Christianity

3. "Where and when did this religion begin?"

Hmm...here there are some choices: The sacrifice of Abel? The call of Abraham? The Passover in Egypt? The Annunciation? The Nativity? Peter's confession? The Last Supper? Pentecost?

7. "What is the name of the deity of this religion?"

Oh, how I was looking forward to this one. A discourse on Exodus and the Tetragrammaton, (with perhaps a dig to the Jehovah's Witnesses) and my standard rant about how Father, Son, and Spirit are not names in any intelligible sense.

12. "What are some of the major rituals of this religion? Explain each."

Good thing this one was at the end, I thought, because explaining each would have certainly filled whatever time was left.


ABBEY said...

Sorry it didn't pan out. I found your anticipated questions and answers rather humorous, although I KNOW that it is a very serious subject. Have a blessed day.


Paul A. Zalonski said...

It would have been fun to see the Capuchin habit-ed priest walk the halls of a PS. Happy Easter.