April 5, 2009

Charles Can Follow Simple Directions

So said my first grade teacher.

The rubrics for Passion Sunday call for the brevis homilia, which can be given after the Gospel at the procession, or pro opportunitate after the proclamation of the Passion.

The sacristan, without being asked mind you, timed me at 88 seconds.


Barb, sfo said...

Good job.
Our pastor didn't read those directions, evidently. We had the long version of the Gospel AND a 10+ minute homily. Mass ran 90 minutes.

Matt G. said...

In reference to the comment above this about Mass running 90 minutes... I honestly do not mind having Mass run more than an hour, but I can see the spiritual problem with it, especially on a college campus and especially with such a long Gospel.

Our priests here at Stonehill didn't follow those directions either, although, true to form, Fr. Tom, my Confirmation formator, did his homily impromptu as he usually does and managed to keep himself from slipping into a social justice tirade, which he is also known to do.