August 3, 2009

Morning Meditation

This morning I was walking by and saw our housekeeper standing the middle of the pantry saying to herself, "Now, why did I come in here?"

We've all done it, for sure. But it makes a good and brief particular examination for a religious in the midst of the busy day. I stop just for a second to remind myself why I chose this life, why I "came in here."


Qualis Rex said...

Hmmmm. I think you're trying to pass the onset of early senility as some spiritual question. Nice try.

LOL! Just joking, father. But seriously, try not to get into the habit of saying, "Now, where was i?" in regular speech : )

NC Sue said...

Brother Charles,

Thank you for the reminder to pause during the course of the day and to reflect on our vocation... whether it be as a married, single, or professed religious person.

ben in denver said...

THis brings to mind that old Talking Heads song "Once in a Liftime"

I had never thought of it as fodder for meditation before.