August 29, 2009


If the Gospels teach us anything about the human practice of religion, it's that it can go very wrong at times. This is why it is important for us to reflect on our own observance of religion or 'spiritual practice' from time to time. Follow this link for my homily for this weekend.


Qualis Rex said...

Great homily, Father Charles. As a non native English speaker, I had to look up "nowadays" as I'd never seen it written before (but heard it here and there once I saw the definition : )

I can really identify with the examples you brought up as traps (i.e. the EF vs NO mass). Also, I started saying the Jesus prayer in order to pray incessantly as in the book "the way of the pilgrim". And I try to put other symbols around me (like a rosary in my car) all in an effort to calm me and make sure that whatever interaction I'm going to have with an individual (i.e. someone who just cut me off in trafic or talking on the phone instead of paying attention to me as a customer) should be done in the spirit of charity to avoid all the evils Our Lord warned us about.

I think I'm also mellowing in old age, so that probably helps too.

for narnia said...

excellent homily, Fr. C! very inspirational! thank you! you really sum it up so beautifully when you say that "if we find our hearts more patient, humble, caring, forgiving,etc..., then we're getting closer to God." that's exactly what our spiritual practice should do. if we're finding more peace snd can really love one another with an agape kind of love, then that is a good thing and we are growing in our relationship with God. also, an important thing to remember is that because our life journey is always changing and there are always new challenges and experiences with each new day that God gives to us, then, so too, should our spiritual practices changing. we shouldn't reslly be praying the same way all our life, because we're constantly changing and growing all throughout our life journey. PEACE! ~tara t~