October 27, 2009

Best. Canonical Argument. Ever.

Over on WDTPRS, there is a fun canonical argument over the jurisdiction of the moon. Check it out here. Apparently, the Holy See has claimed that the moon, should there ever be anybody there, will be part of the diocese of Rome. This is against the alleged rights of the bishop of Orlando, who also has some claim, given that people who have gone to the moon have left from there.

My question is, should the moon ever be elevated to be its own diocese, what will it be called? Here I need help from some of you ecclesiastical Latinists. Would it be the dioecesis Lunensis? Didn't there used to be a Roman city called Luna that would have already had that title? Maybe dioecesis Lunae, or just dioecesis Luna? I'm not sure on this one.


Tc said...

Surely, Father, it would go to the Anglicans to be pastored by the famous A-C "flying Bishops."

pennyante said...

Only luna-tics would even bother with this question!!!! (chuckle)

But it would behoove the Vatican to take control of a luna diocese since the moon has so much power over ordinary earthly people.

Note that it has been found that there are more crimes committed under the influence of the full moon. More people begin to act strangely when there is a full moon.

Also consider the following adjectives: looney, lunatic, lunacy and all they pertain to.

Yes, I can see that a battle for diocesan control of the moon will soon be shaping up. Let's hope the lunatic fringe doesn't take over!

(I hope you all are laughing with me!)