October 30, 2009


Imagine my delight when I was setting up for a wedding today and came across this box hidden away in our sacristy:

What could be in it to help me understand such a historic and exciting time?

A hard hat, a piece of slate, some crumpled notes, and a bunch of rubber bands.


NCSue said...

Reminds me of the experience my hubby & I had cleaning out the home of his father after Pop died. Pop was a packrat and we found the most incredible "treasures" - used twist ties, a carton full of Barbasol shaving cream caps (yes, the CAPS), mercury vapor street lamps, several hundred pounds of cat food (although he didn't have a cat), etc. We found a safe, locked, no clue what the combination was. so we got a locksmith to open it up. (Very expensive...)

Once we could get into the safe, we found a broken adding machine and plastic sheet protectors.

pennyante said...

1964? Looking for a box of maniples or old altar cards or other ancient treasures?

The hard hat could have been worn when V-2 renovations took place?

Better look closely at the slate... Could be something like the Rosetta Stone with high school latin plus church latin inscribed on it... (chuckle)

Okay, I've had my fun! :)

Rachel said...

Why, you've found nothing less than the basis of all the liturgical reforms! It explains so much.