October 19, 2009

Receiving Requital for Ancient Doom

Once in a while I have one of those experiences that reminds me of how odd a life I lead. Tonight, after working with my RCIC group, I went to the friary TV room to hang out with the brethren. I usually bring a book in case the choice of program doesn't do it for me.

Well tonight was one of those nights. Since I can't even imagine being interested in Dancing with the Stars, I had brought the Meno to read for fun. I can still participate in banter and conversation, but I don't have to be bored to tears. Then, all of a sudden, I am rudely torn from my enjoyment of Plato's conceits when I hear a watered-down version of one of the great riffs of Randy Rhoads, and look up to see two ghoulish characters spinning around to it. What are you trying to do to my rock and roll memory?


Qualis Rex said...

I guess you have to watch the show in question to get your reference : )

I remember as a child playing games with some of the nuns in the "TV Room" (black and white; 3 channels) of my aunt's convent while the others watched programmes. I was really young at the time, but it seemed to me the sisters didn't really watch the TV, so much as used it as a stimulus to "be normal" for an hour (i.e. talk about topics, people, places, ideas that were outside of their regular routine). Good times.

Tc said...

"Two ghoulish characters" absolutely made my day.

(FWIW, I cannot imagine watching that show, either.)

Victoria said...

Watching boring, to me, TV programmes would be such a penance. Do you not have communal recreation when you just talk to one another about the day?

Brother Charles said...

Victoria: Often that's just what we are really doing, while pretending to watch TV.