February 22, 2010

Great Moments in Spiritual Paternity

Like when you pray and explore the Scriptures with your 11- and 12-year-old catechumens, realize that they are cooler and already more spiritual than you are, and noticing this only makes you happy and pushes you to work harder out of reverence for what God is doing in them.


ben in denver said...

You have 11 & 12 year old catechumens? Are their parents converting too? Is it common for whole families to convert at once?

That's so scriptural!

Brother Charles said...

Sometimes it's the case of a whole family conversion, but more typically what happens is that parents don't get around to seeking baptism until after a child has exited his or her canonical infancy.

ben in denver said...

I know it sounds mean, but I really think that parents ought to face some sort of cannonical penalty for having such low regard for their children's spiritual well being.

Maybe they would take their obligations more seriously.