February 6, 2010

The Prosperity Gospel

I have decided not to post a new homily this weekend, because I think my homily from three years ago continues to speak to an important question of faith in our time. Judging from search traffic, it's something that needs to be addressed. Follow this link for a homily for this weekend.


Jake said...

Very Strong. Thanks.

Qualis Rex said...

This is the "beauty" and idiocy of heresy/Protestantism. They can essentially say or preach anything they want and their only measure of legitimacy is the amount of followers they have for their specific sect (very much like Mohammedanism).

Father Charles, I too listen to Protestant talk-radio (KFAX) simply because sometimes you have to actually hear it to believe it (i.e. "did he REALLY jus say that???"). What I have noticed is that they have a disproportionate number of "guests" (see: infomercials) that disguise financial planning advisors or stock-brokers hawking their services as "biblical analysts".

I can only listen to this tripe in small doses at it invokes the sin of pride in me. I always have to remember to turn my pride into gratitude for being Catholic, by the grace of almighty God. And gratitude for good clergy, once again, thanks be to God.