February 20, 2010

I Liked Her Too

As a religious and/or priest, you have to let people know that you are as human as everybody else, and that you're happy to chat about the same old stuff everybody talks about. But you also have to let people know that certain genres of male communication are inappropriate. I enjoy trying to find clever and funny ways to enforce this boundary without embarrassing anyone. Today I was amused when something reminded me of a dialogue I once had in a cemetery:

Male mourner, referring to female mourner: Father, did you see that one? She's a 'tall glass of water.'

Me: Do you mean the tall woman who received Holy Communion very devoutly? Yes, I like that too.


Anonymous said...

WAH!!! Father Charles, that was a GOOD one! : )

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what that means.


Brother Charles said...

I didn't either! I had to look it up.