February 16, 2010

People That Are Going To Hell

Leave it to the self-ironic pop punk of the Vandals to take what would otherwise be a very crass pious thought and make it amusing, safe, and comforting.

Some people are bad and they don't give a damn what they do or who they hurt
they go through their lives and don't apologize
for the stuff that they've disturbed
but they don't bother me at all
cuz i know quite well-
when they're lives are over and they're done what they've done
they're the people that are going to hell

A little levity for Pancake Day. Very solemn Ash Wednesday post will appear in the morning.


saintos said...

M-m-m, I'm quite sure I heard a word other than "stuff" being sung in there ;-)

A Secular Franciscan said...

For posting that song your penance is ... (better do it or you might end up you-know-where).

Qualis Rex said...

Actually, given my particular musical tastes, I believe that by listening to that song I just worked off a good 40-odd days from my visit through purgatory.

Next time throw in some Alice Cooper and I might just be declared a martyr for the faith.

Brother Charles said...

Hey! Alice Cooper was my first concert! (11.18.87)

A Secular Franciscan said...

As a teacher, "School's Out" is still one of my favorite songs. (Alice Cooper was also one of my first concerts!)

Ad Abolendam said...

Rather reminds me of the Meat Puppets song (famously covered by Nirvana): "Where do bad folks go when they die?/They don't go to heaven where the angels fly./They go to a place of fire and fry./See them again 'til the Fourth of July."

Not sure what Fourth of July part is all about.

Brother Charles said...

Yes. I have always wondered about that myself.

Here's the original