August 6, 2010

Becoming a Boston Fan (Sort of)

Lots of little questions arise through moving to a new place. One that comes up for me here in Boston is what to do for a baseball cap. I just can't go out without something on my head; it's too hard on my eyes. It would seem to be in poor taste--not to say perhaps dangerous--to wear my Yankees cap, so what to do? I don't feel like I can play the Red Sox fan; my nearest baseball fan ancestor from the area, my maternal grandfather, was a Boston Braves fan.*

Who knew that fifty-seven seasons after leaving town, a Braves cap could still be had in Boston?

*When you combine this with my father being from Cleveland, it's amusing to realize the common family memory of the 1948 World Series, in which Cleveland beat Boston four games to three. My father was twelve and my mother six.

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4narnia said...

what a fun post, Fr. C! thanks for sharing it. it's great that you found that hat and that you solved the dilema.
i'm not really a baseball fan, myself. but if i had to choose a NY team it would be the Mets. i kind of like the Florida Marlins and someone even gave me a baseball cap. although i'm not a "hat" person, i occasionally wear a baseball cap when necessary, for example if i have to have my hair pulled back when working around food like at the Ukrainian festival that i volunteer at. i'm brave enough to wear that Florida Marlins cap even here in New York. :) PAX! ~tara t~