August 10, 2010

From My Confessor: Logismoi

A new town means testing out new confessors. I think it hit a home run on the first try:

Two things, Brother.

First, remember that our angers, frustrations, and distractions--and therefrom, our sins--derive from our consent to and coupling with our erroneous and distorted views and interpretations of ourselves, other people, and the world. Therefore we must always be praying for the grace to see things as they really are, as they are in God's sight, rather than as they might appear to be.

Second, remember that a sturdy sense of humor is invaluable in religious life.

Indeed, many times the second counsel fulfills the first. And pray for me, too.


Paul A. Zalonski said...

yep, he got it right. what the confessor said corresponds to my experience, for certain.

Anonymous said...

A sturdy sense of humor is invaluable in any life.

doughboy said...

fantastic advice. you scored big.

Julia said...

Do you prefer having a fellow Franciscan as a confessor? Or another religious? Or does it not matter to you much either way?

I've found that when a confessor's particular spiritual bent matches my own, it's a more fruitful match, especially over a long period of time. On the other hand, it can also be useful to get a point of view from someone with a different outlook, focus, and disposition.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

How insightful!

4narnia said...

glad to hear you found a confessor on the first try, Fr. C! from what you have shared in this post, it sounds like the confessor is both wise and humble. i, too, have been trying to find a confessor for a while and finally found one who is the pastor of a nearby parish that i go to for occasional weekday Mass and some Holy, now there is a fourth parish that the Lord has led me to for some reason. i've become a little bit involved in this parish, too, but in no way will it take away from my main parishes - SH & St. T's. PAX! ~tara t~

Brother Charles said...

Julia: I find it helpful to have a Franciscan for a confessor in the sense that he will know our Rule and perhaps understand when I refer to it.

Julia said...

I hadn't even considered the Rule. That makes sense. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity, Father. :)

Happy feast of St Clare! (Day 1 of 2, since tomorrow is her feast in the older calendar!)

Greg said...

That is so eloquently stated. So much captured with so few words.


Would it be okay to post it, with a link, on the Taming site?