August 23, 2010

Starting Lonergan

Though it's surely a folly to think that I could finish it before the first day of school, this morning I have embarked on the last of my projected summer reading, Bernard Lonergan's Insight. You know you're in for something good when you read a sentence like this in the author's preface:

"...I find it difficult to state in any brief and easy manner what the present book is about, how a single author can expect to treat the variety of topics listed in the table of contents, why he should attempt to do so in a single work, and what good he could hope to accomplish even were he to succeed in his odd undertaking."


Anonymous said...

It is always good to see book references, and reviews, in this blog.It helps me build up a list of suggested reading.

mtjofmcap said...

I read about the first half of Insight in the novitiate and then life took over. I'm looking forward to getting back to it at some point.

I think the legendary John MacQuarrie described it best: "Ack, Insight is a jungle!

Happy Reading, Bro!

Brother Charles said...

I know what he means, Brother. So it far it feels like the Meno on amphetamines.

blogmeister said...

I had a course on Lonergan's Insight. The prof was excellent and enthusiastic about the work, which helped greatly. Some of the principles still form part of my thoguth, I guess.